ranking top github oss projects by commercial viability

DISCLAIMER: This ranking list is an ongoing work-in-progress and was inspired in part by Two Sigma’s Open Source Index and GitHub’s Trending. It is not some kind of official ranking and is for educational purposes only (my own!). This initial ranking has some known issues that need to be addressed including but not limited to: 1) the model and ranking has a bias for older established projects with a longer history of activity, 2) manual data cleaning was necessary to exclude certain types of projects which is error prone, 3) the “commercial viability” measure is too simple, 4) how OSS projects that already have a commercial model should be handled and whether or not they should be excluded altogether....

Last updated Jun 25, 2024 · Rod Ebrahimi

2024 analysis of board composition in the magnificent 7

A quick analysis of how the “Magnificent Seven” companies (Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Nvidia, Meta Platforms and Tesla) compose their boards and how that might influence governance and decision-making. Older, more experienced board members are preferred with the average board member age being 62. Over 55% of board members are 61 or older and less than 12% are aged 40-50. Preferred board size is consistent, with an average board size of 9 members, ranging from 7 members to 12 members....

Last updated Jun 15, 2024 · Rod Ebrahimi