An attempt to use inversion to explore what you might do to not build wealth over time (in no particular order):

  1. Avoid learning new things or investing in your own education eg assume you understand the world already

  2. Stop experimenting or trying new things

  3. Do not take professional and financial risks, keep doing what feels the most comfortable

  4. Optimize for salary or hourly wages as opposed to an ownership stake and/or equity upside

  5. Do not take on challenges that scare you and avoid discomfort, limit your own abilities by not attempting things you think you might not be able to accomplish as opposed to leaning into them

  6. Do not meet or interact with people different from you

  7. Do not explore new places and cultures

  8. Do not be curious about the world and how it works

  9. Do not be kind and supportive of others, thinking more zero-sum as opposed to win-win and ways to expand the pie

  10. Do not hold yourself accountable for your own actions, blame the outside world for everything that happens to you

  11. Do not take your health seriously

  12. Take on debt for liabilities that do not generate cash or increase in value over time

  13. Stop doing things that have worked in the past and/or are working well

  14. Do not make long-term investments